Mural Key

Our Conference Room Mural Key

Upper Town:


  1. Observatory.
  2. John and Ann Allen. (Although neither were alive during the time of the mural, we decided to illustrate them “in-spirit.”)
  3. Thomas Earl House, 415 North Main.
  4. Dr. Chase’s Steam Printing House, 301-305 North Main Street.
  5. Wooden Fire House, corner of Huron and Fifth.
  6. Gregory House, built in 1862 (corner of Huron and Main). Replaced the original Franklin House hotel, built in 1837. From the date of the painting, it could be either one.
  7. Several churches (including Methodist at State and Washington and the Zion Lutheran at Fifth and Washington and the Presbyterian at Huron and Division).
  8. The first courthourse, which was a wooden structure, completed in 18349. Alexander Winchell’s octagon House (only tower is visible in painting).
  9. 120-124 South Main, opened as the “Bank Building” in 1867, also known as the Goodyear Building (corner of Washington and Main).
  10. North University Faculty Houses.
  11. The first Law School, built in 1863.
  12. Medical School.
  13. Union Block including Spalding and Fleming Hardware, Krause tannery and Henry Binder’s saloon and boarding house.
  14. Two main university classrooms with dormitories, a library. There are stories about an arbor that John Allen and Rumsey’s wife used to meet under.
  15. 405 Fourth Street, John Keck Company furniture. Originally a wooden structure, now a brick building known as the Argus Building

Lower Town:


  1. Waite-Kellogg House at 723 Moore Street.
  2. Anson Brown Building; across the street and in similar architecture is the Huron Block also built by Anson Brown.
  3. Ann Arbor Mill which changed hands many times.
  4. Agricultural Works building.
  5. Huron River.
  6. Delivery wagon making its way into town from the Central Brewery located near the railroad.
  7. Michigan Central Train Station 1845-1886.