Our Personal Greeters

Woof! That’s “hello” in our language. We’re Blue and Mackinaw, flat-coated retrievers who come to work with Tom most days. We love being with our person, instead of being left at home. We also love being a part of what goes on at Blaske & Blaske.

We get to meet lots of new people. We can’t help but greet them with our tails wagging, but we will lie down when asked. We love to be petted by visitors, and if we’re really lucky, they’ll skritch our ears.

One of the best things about coming to work with Tom is the positive feeling here. As you humans are learning, dogs have a pretty good sense of such things, and we can vouch for the good atmosphere at the office. We see sad people turned into hopeful people. We stay nearby when people who are unhappy first come here, and we sit close enough so they can pat us while they talk to Tom. We do our best to help. We hear that scientist Meg Olmert calls the effect we have “oxytocin.” We call it our positive energy.

You’ll like all the people who work with Tom. They sometimes give us treats (although our other person—Mary Dear—thinks too many treats make us look not so svelte). We like to nap outside under the shade of the copper beech tree on nice days, and we sneak onto Tom’s comfy couch when it’s cold outside.

We look forward to seeing you. When you come, you can see the cool mural painted in the sunny front room. Tom says it’s a picture of historic Ann Arbor from 1860, but our favorite part is B&B’s founder dogs, Spot and Ichi, who are in the painting.

Well, we gotta run now. Smells like somebody is making lunch!