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Our Colossal Sculpture is About Pushing Through Barriers

The Ann Arbor Observer published a story about Blaske & Blaske’s recently commissioned sculpture “Other Side of Eden” and the artist, Andrew DeVries, who made it. The sculpture will be unveiled on October 15th at the home of Tom & Mary Blaske in Ann Arbor.

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The piece “basically has two personalities,” says DeVries. “For me–and I don’t know about Tom and Mary–we all have these walls that we try to push through … My wall right now is rebuilding my casting studio.” While that was one kind of wall, “often these walls are mental,” says DeVries. “They’re your belief system. They’re things that are challenging you to grow.”


Tom sees that. “On the entering side of the wall, the dancer’s face is turning sideways. So you see half of it, and the entry face is anguish and troubled and worried, and the exiting side is joy and triumph and happiness … It’s about having the courage and optimism to jump through the walls that confront us.”


Jan Schlain, Ann Arbor Observer, October, 2017, issue